Kardan University Leadership Meets with Kabul University’s Chancellor Professor Mohammad Osman Babury

At the leadership meeting with Kabul University’s Chancellor Professor Mohammad Osman Babury

Kardan University’s leadership met with the Chancellor of Kabul University, Professor Dr. Mohammad Osman Babury, on Thursday, September 17, 2020. During the meeting, the two sides discussed the establishment of the Center for Higher Education Development (CHED) at Kardan University.

The CHED harnesses Kardan University’s resources, knowledge, and networks to advance higher education developmental priorities. Through research activities, innovation programming, and application of expertise focused on higher education reform and development; the center will serve as a catalyst and provider of critical value for propositions to advance development agendas in the higher education center.

“This is an excellent initiative for improving quality education in the higher education sector and a source of motivation for other academic institutions to focus on providing technical knowledge and professional skills to respond to the needs of the community,” said Professor Babury.

To further strengthen the relationship between universities, both sides emphasized inter-university cooperation, which will significantly benefit students and scholars in conducting research, scholarly works, and more.

As the leading academic institution in the country, Kardan University continues initiating new academic centers for excellence and innovative programs to enhance quality education and inspire the young generation through developmental education programs.