Kardan University Organizes Welcome Week (2020)

New students attending the Welcome Week (2020)

Kardan University organized the new students’ Welcome Week (2020) starting from Saturday, September 12 to Thursday, September 17, 2020, across its three campuses. During this Week, newly enrolled students got oriented on different departments, academic programs, services and facilities, extracurricular activities, and more.

During Welcome Week, the Office of Student Involvement and Events ran a fantastic program of events and activities designed to help students make friends and get familiarized with the University programs and initiatives. The activities included a food, cultural and networking day, a friendly Cricket match, orientation to academic departments, clubs, showrooms, campus tours, guest speaker sessions, and emerging leaders’ reflection.

New students participated in a special gathering with the University Leadership, Academics, and Faculty Deans on Thursday, September 17, 2020, from 11:00 am. to 12:00 pm. in Conference Hall, Taimani Campus. Mr. Roeen Rahmani, Kardan University Chancellor, welcomed new students to the University and briefed them about the importance of having a study-focused mindset and motivation to achieving their dreams by joining the most recognized academic institution in Afghanistan.  

“We have a completely different understanding of higher education and the knowledge to help shape the future of our young generation as we have done so far. Also, we have strong faith in our students’ abilities who could do great things and have a positive impact on society,” said Mr. Rahmani.

Elyas Ahmad Zaki, a BCE student, stated, “Welcome Week has been a fantastic opportunity for us to have a clear understanding of our academic journey at Kardan University. So far, we have learned to have a deep desire, passion, and resilience to achieve our ultimate goals”. 

“The orientation week helped me understand about the academic programs, build a network with new students, set clear goals, and look for alternative ways on how to achieve my future goals,” said Nazaneen Mohammadi, a BBA student.

Welcome Week (2020) was a successful event in which practical activities and initiatives were implemented to inspire new students and motivate them to adapt to their study journey at Kardan University smoothly.