Kardan University Organizes the Competition for Best Diplomat

The Political Science Club of the Department of PSIR, at Kardan University, organized the first Best Diplomat Debate on Wednesday, June 10, 2020. The purpose of the competition was to offer students an opportunity to get involved in practical scenarios of conducting the conciliation process as diplomats.

PSIR students participated in this competition in three rounds of debate under the supervision of Mr. Aryanpor, and Mr. Hadnan Nasery, Assistant Professor, PSIR, at Kardan University. Mr. Nasery conducted an introductory session on the ‘Does and Don’ts of Conciliation’.

A fcus group discussion was arranged about debate and conciliation proceedings, where members of the Political Science Club discussed two topics, The Conflict between Iran and the U.S. and Pakistan – India Confrontation over Kashmir throughout the competition.

Amsal Seena and Fatima Atiqi secured 3rd position, Marwa Azami and Sabawoon Arghandiwal, 2nd position, Brishna Nasrat and Freshta Samit the 1st position respectively. The winning team was recognized as the Best Diplomats, and the participating teams received certificates of participation.

Kardan University is committed to organizing such events to help students boost their practical skills and enrich their field knowledge.