Virtual Academic Excellence Awards Ceremony (2020)

Kardan University is pleased to organize the first Virtual Academic Excellence Awards Ceremony through Zoom on Wednesday, May 6, 2020, bringing together graduate and undergraduate students, Faculty Deans, and the University’s leadership.

Academic Excellence Awards Ceremony is a significant event that recognizes the academic achievement of students during the previous semester by offering merit-based scholarships and Academic Excellence Certificates. This time 72 students from the University’s nine departments were among the awardees of this great achievement.

“We appreciate the academic achievements of those students with outstanding performance in the Fall 2019 Semester,” said Meena Rahmani, Vice-Chancellor, Kardan Univesity. She further stated that “Kardan University is ranked as the first Afghan academic institution by the Times Higher Education, Impact Rankings 2020, and MBA Department, achieving the AICBE accreditations are significant achievements for the University and the academic society of Afghanistan.”

“I congratulate you all on this great academic achievement. Your hard work has paid off greatly, and we expect you to continue working with perseverance and commitment so that the existing challenges of COVID-19 pandemic would not affect your productivity,” said Dr. Ahmad Khalid Hatam, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences.

“I firmly thank Kardan University for providing this virtual ceremony and recognizing our achievements. I also appreciate the University of initiating the Online Education System, which helps students continue their studies during these critical times,” said Ms. Pari Temory, an MBA student and Academic Excellence Awards winner.

Kardan University is committed to recognizing the merit and offering financial assistance to students at the end of each semester. This has been a practical approach to boosting students’ academic performances and their desire for quality education at a prestigious educational institution under different circumstances.

It is worth mentioning that Kardan University allocated AFN 60 Million in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and to help students finance their studies during these challenging times.