Kardan University’s Political Science Club Organizes the Best Diplomat Debate Competition

The Political Science Club, Department of Bachelor’s in Political Science and International Relations (BPSIR), at Kardan University, organized the first Best Diplomat Debate session. The purpose of this debate was to involve students in practical scenarios of conducting the conciliation process as a professional diplomat.

After the successful implementation of the training, there was another discussion session about two essential and hot issues selected by the members of the Political Science Club.
1. Iran – United States issue with a focus on JCPOA
2. Pakistan – India confrontation over Kashmir

“I have gained a substantial amount of practical knowledge on the conciliation process by participating in this diplomatic debate. It also helped me improve my debating skills,” said a participating student.

The participants who gained the highest marks were recognized as the Best Diplomat, and the first position holder received a digital book reader tablet. Further, the second and third position holder teams were awarded certificates of appreciation and a collection of highly reputed books.
Eligibility Criteria and Important Details
1. Students should be able to speak and debate in the English language
2. Only students of the Department of BPSIR were eligible to participate
3. The last registration date for the competition was January 29, 2019

Mr. Hadnan Nasery, conducted a preparatory session with the registered students on How to conduct conciliation, on January 24, 2020.

Kardan University organizes such debates competitions to help students gain practical insight on contemporary topics and learn by doing in addition to the theories and concepts learned in class.