Kardan University Announces 60 Million Afghanis as Financial Assistance Package in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Kardan University announces 60 Million Afghanis as financial assistance package for all those students who are facing difficulties in during the COVID-19 pandemic. The amount will be disbursed as per the following details:

Recipients of Fall 2019 Financial Assistance

Those who have received financial assistance for the Fall 2019 session, the assistance will continue automatically in Spring 2020. If they have already submitted an application or not, these changes will be reflected in their student accounts. No application or follow up is necessary.

Recipients of Merit Scholarships for Fall 2019

Merit scholarships are offered to those students who have achieved the highest grades in their undergraduate and graduate studies. For this semester, Kardan University will review the student academic records and award merit scholarship to the top scorers who are full-time, have no disciplinary issues, and have met the attendance and other scholarship requirements. These changes will be reflected in their student accounts. No application or follow up is necessary.

COVID-19 Special Financial Assistance Package - Spring 2020

Considering the COVID-19 socio-economic challenges our students are facing, Kardan University is proud to provide special financial assistance packages to all our student community so that they could pursue higher education amid these challenging times. All undergraduate and graduate students, who pay their tuition fees by April 20, 2020 will benefit from this financial assistance package. In addition to other financial assistance they may be receiving already, we are pleased to offer an additional fee reduction of 2,000 AFN for our graduate programs and an additional fee reduction of 1500 AFN for our undergraduate students for each installment paid during the COVID-19 campus closure only.

These fee reduction opportunities will also help students to cover their Internet connectivity costs during their online education program. The mobile top up cards will be discontinued moving forward. Alternatively, students will benefit from fee reduction during the COVID-19 situation as explained earlier.

If a student has already made Spring 2020 payment in March, we will automatically provide them with the financial assistance and will adjust their fees. These changes will be reflected in the student accounts. No application or follow up is necessary.

Chancellor’s Special Financial Assistance Program

The Chancellor’s special financial assistance program is designed for students who continue to have significant socio-economic issues during the COVID-19 situation. Students who have demonstrated financial constraints such asloss of job, limited or no income or fall in the vulnerable category, can submit an online application to the Chancellor’s Special Financial Assistance Program through the Student Portals in LMS. The deadline for application is April 12, 2020. Late applications will not be accepted.

Please note that these changes will become effective Saturday, April 4, 2020.

To receive the University’s financial assistance, students must be full-time and registered for a minimum of 15 credits at undergraduate and 10 credits for graduate programs. Students must also have satisfactory attendance and appropriate disciplinary record during their studies at Kardan University.

For further information about Kardan University’s Financial Assistance and Scholarship initiatives, please visit our website. www.kardan.edu.af