Kardan University’s Leadership Consults Students on Progress and Achievements in Enhancing Online Education

In a recent online meeting, Roeen Rahmani, Kardan University’s Chancellor and the University’s academic leadership including Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Deans, Academic Administrators, and professors initiated a dialogue with the undergraduate and graduate student representatives to discuss progress and achievements on the University’s online education initiatives and future direction.

“Our robust technological systems, dedicated faculty members, and passion for inspiring our students enable us to provide high-quality education to our students during this challenging situation,” said Roeen Rahmani, Kardan University’s Chancellor. He further encouraged the students to pursue their online education with passion joining millions of learners around the world who are tapping into learning management systems, innovative practices, and unlimited potential of technology in pursuing their academic ambitions.

He pointed out to Harvard University and Stanford University as world-class institutions that are using platforms such as LMS and Zoom to continue their online studies amid the COVID-19 lockdown challenges.

Building on Kardan University’s AFN 40 Million scholarship and financial aid opportunities offered to thousands of students annually, the University leadership promised further assistance options to the deserving students. As a self-funded institution with limited external assistance, Kardan University recognizes its commitment to assisting its students during these unprecedented times. Further updates about the financial assistance opportunities for students will be announced in the near future.

While online education remains a temporary and ideal alternative of learning, Kardan University’s leadership emphasized that these arrangements will contribute meaningfully towards students' on-campus education.

During the online meeting, the Chancellor also highlighted that the Student Success Center will soon launch online student engagement initiatives, including job readiness seminars, debating and reading clubs, featured alumni stories, and access to thousands of electronic academic resources such as journals, e-books, and magazines.

In the meantime, the Chancellor emphasized that Kardan University’s leadership has initiated dialogues with several leading national and international partners to enrich the online education facilities and contents, including student support initiatives and improved Internet services for the students. As a result, Kardan University’s students will experience effective and innovative changes to their online education experience in the near future.

In concluding remarks, Kardan University’s leadership reiterated its commitment to inspiring the students, delivering quality education, and working together with the students to overcome this pandemic through commitment, resilience, and optimism.

Consistent with the Ministry of Higher Education’s guidelines for universities to adopt innovative and alternative modes of online learning, Kardan University has tapped into its world-class Learning Management System (LMS) and Zoom higher education software to provide quality, credit-based online education to its undergraduate and graduate students.

As per the recent visit of a senior-level delegation from the Ministry of Higher Education, Kardan University maintains sophisticated and cutting edge technologies and systems in place for learning and teaching purposes. Kardan University’s systems are further strengthened by quality assurance standards, dedicated faculty members, and innovative academic leadership.

For further information about Kardan University’s COVID-19 response and future initiatives, please visit kardan.edu.af/onlineeducation.