Celebrating International Women’s Day at Kardan University

Kardan University, in collaboration with Kardan Girls School, celebrated International Women’s Day, 2020, on March 8, 2020, in Conference Hall Taimani Campus. Ms. Meena Rahmani, Vice-Chancellor Academics, Kardan University, Maryam Sadaat, Principal, Kardan International School, Zakia Abedi, Director, Monitoring 10th Educational District, teachers, the staff of Kardan Girls School as well as female staff from Kardan University participated in this gathering.

In her inaugural speech, Ms. Rahmani, said, “since 2001, Afghan women have had impressive progress in different walks of life. Hundreds of girls have enrolled in schools and universities, and women have been able to achieve greater success in Business, Education, Entrepreneurship, and more.”

She added, “however, women still face a lot of challenges in the traditional society of Afghanistan; nonetheless, through hard work and resilience, they can prevail and have a positive impact in the society.”

“Today is women’s solidarity day, and we are delighted to see that Afghan women have been able to define their status in the society, and fight the challenges they face on different fronts. I wish that no woman should remain deprived of getting an education in our society,” said Zakia Abedi.

Kardan University has created a special section (kardan.edu.af/march8) to commemorate the International Women’s Day, 2020, through recognizing inspiring women of Kardan who, through the years, have contributed significantly to the advancement of knowledge, innovation, and prosperity for the Afghan society.