Strategic Plan Consultative General Assembly

A consultative General Assembly was organized on May 15, 2018 to discuss the five year strategic plan of the university, the Vision of Excellence 2015-2020. The event was organized with the purpose of gathering input and ideas regarding effective implementation of the plan in the remaining two years that are left till 2020. A large number of participants from the academics, faculty, students, alumni and partner organizations took part in the event.

In the beginning, the University president, Mr. Roeen Rahmani, delivered a detailed speech about the university’s future plans. He then showed a video model of the university’s planned new campus which was warmly welcomed by the participants.

Next, Mr. Mirwais Nahzat presented the achievements and accomplishments realized so far, as per the strategic objectives set in the Vision of Excellence.

The assembly participants were divided in to five working committees – each to discuss on of the Strategic Objectives present in the Strategic Plan. The Committees were:

1. Student Professional Excellence
2. Excellence in Faculty and Research
3. Excellence in Innovation and Growth
4. Excellence in Policies and Procedures
5. Excellence in Public Engagement

Each committee held a separate one hour discussion to come up with new ideas and concepts for implementing the plan in the coming two years. Mr. Roeen Rahmani, Emal Hekmaty, Qais Mohammadi, Jawed Naderi and Abdullah Farhad Qayumi represented the above committees respectively and explained the committee’s innovative inputs for Kardan University’s further development in the coming two years.

At the end, the University Registrar, Mr. Haleem Bahadur presented the closing remarks and thanked all participants for participating in the event and their productive contributions towards development and advancement of Kardan University.