English Language for Academic Purposes

English Language is one of the most important languages around the world used as a medium of communication almost in every country. This language plays a vital role in acquiring higher education for students pursuing degrees across all levels. In recent years, English Language has gained importance as a medium of learning in schools and universities in Afghanistan. However, students still face difficulties and problems in their early years of study. Kardan University, has always strived to facilitate its students with all the necessary services they need to pursue a fruitful educational tenure. Hence, we are pleased to announce a four-week English Language Foundation course for all our new students for fall 2017 session.

Program Structure

The course is designed to improve students’ English language skills with a focus on academic learning. This course will help improve writing, speaking and presentation skills by offering trainings on written English and spoken English. Written English will help students to complete assignments and prepare effective papers. A variety of writing activities will be used to enable students practice what they learn. The spoken English section will prepare students to prepare presentations and speak in front of an audience. The students will have practical sessions of general and public speaking. The reading part will enable students to improve their comprehension and analytical skills. The reading part will also help students on how to use their reference books, text books, research journals, extracts and other academic sources.