The Department of BSc. Economics at Kardan University Holds a Symposium on SDGs

The Department of BSc. Economics held a symposium on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on January 8, 2020, in Taimani Campus. The focus of the seminar was on raising awareness to Kardan University students and the general public on SDGs.

The symposium consisted of three parts. The General Director of policy and result-based monitoring from the Ministry of Economy, Dr. Mirwais Baheej, conducted a seminar on the importance of SDGs to Afghanistan. He also commented on the role of Universities in the achievement of SDGs.

Later on, Mr. Hafizullah Hasif, Advisor at the Ministry of Economy, delivered a presentation on exploring the SDGs. He pointed on every SDG's goals, their importance, and implementation in Afghanistan.

Afterward, Qais Mohammadi, the Academic Administrator of BSc. Economics moderated a panel discussion on the 12th goal of SDGs, “Responsible Consumption and Production.”

Following that, Dr. Sayed Abdul Moiz, Dean of Faculty of Economics, provided his insightful concluding remarks on the achievement of the symposium. He congratulated all the presenters and appreciated the efforts of the teams.

In addition to that, the General Director of Policy from the Ministry of Economy called the event “amazing and outstanding,” He promised to help the Department of Economics in any possible manner to fortify their efforts.

“The session was informative and innovative, and I firmly thank Kardan University and expect the Academic Administrators to continue with such symposiums on different sustainable development goals in the future,” said one participating student.

In the end, Dr. Moiz reminded the audience for their take away that was to become more responsible in their consumption. The participants promised to change their way of consumption, so that they could play their part in achieving SDGs.