Expansion of Educational Cooperation between Kardan University and Imam Bukhari Orphanage

To strengthen educational cooperation, Kardan University leadership met with Imam Bukhari Orphanage representatives, staff, and students during a special ceremony held on Wednesday, October 23, 2019, at Parwan-e-Du Campus.

“Kardan University has offered scholarship grants worth Afs.11.3 million to finance the higher education of staff and students of Imam Bukhari Orphanage over the past three semesters, which is unprecedented cooperation, and has not been offered to any other organizations,” said Roeen Rahmani, Chancellor of Kardan University.

Mr. Rahmani assured that Kardan University will continue it's financial aid and scholarship grants to the qualified staff and students of Imam Bukhari Orphanage so that we contribute our part to help them thrive and prosper.

Dr. Mohammad Suliman Nesari, Chairman of Imam Bukhari Orphanage firmly thanked Kardan University for financing the education of their staff and students and described the University a source of hope for the orphan and vulnerable children.

“Currently, 25 staff and student of Imam Bukhari Orphanage pursue their higher education at Kardan University. Whereas, we have only 2 students studying in other private higher education institutions,” Added Mr. Nesari.

As a token of appreciation, Mr. Nesari presented an appreciation award to Mr. Rahmani and thanked him for the university’s educational cooperation.

Imam Bukhari Orphanage was established in 2011, aiming to look after orphan and marginalized children in society. The organization accommodates and trains some 1400 vulnerable children in three separate divisions, and plans to expand its divisions across Afghanistan.

Kardan University was established in 2002 and was registered with the Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan as the first private university. Currently, Kardan is among the top five accredited universities in Afghanistan and hosts some 5,000 students pursuing their higher education in different fields.