AngelHack Global Hackathon Series: Kabul

In close collaboration with Kardan University, AngelHack’s Hackathon event was held on May 3rd and 4th here in Kabul. A group of Kardan University’s BCS students along with a number of alumni participated in the event. Contestants were divided into 11 teams of mostly 5 members who were mentored by a group of expert individuals from different organizations including Kardan University’s software specialist Mr. Milad Mehraban.

Kardan University’s BCS alumnus, Mr. Mukhtar Ahmad Mukhtar, was in the group of first prize winners. They abstracted the idea of an online knowledge sharing platform, showcasing the skills and knowledge of individuals with the option of receiving convertible points in return, named “Amozgar”. They presented the idea exquisitely and convinced the panel of judges to honor them with the first prize.

Current students from BCS department, Mohammad Irfan Arsalan, Mirwais Mohsen, Shahabuddin Kakar, Maher Ahmad, and Ahmad Masood Ziayee, also delivered a unique concept for the public facility in the form of a mobile application called “Smart Sehat”. The concept behind the app is to assist the general public with locating nearby doctors, clinics and hospitals and many other functions. They secured the second position for creativity, technique, interface and feasibility of the application.

This event brought to the front the efforts of a vibrant and hardworking department’s talented students and alumni capable of achieving big milestones. Kardan University’s achievements feature works that embody the strengths of curriculum and the uniqueness of BCS department.

Photo Credit: Ahmad Rz Safdari on facebook