Kardan University Holds Seminar on Energy Efficiency in Buildings

The Department of Civil Engineering at Kardan University organized a seminar on Energy Efficiency in Buildings, facilitated by Mr. Mohammad Omar Temori.

The objective of the session was to familiarize Civil Engineering students on the concept of effective use of energy and its positive impact on society at large.

Learning about the energy efficiency of buildings from an engineering viewpoint was an essential asset for students, who will be playing a significant role, as young professionals, in the development of the cities across Afghanistan in the future.

One of the critical factors discussed in the seminar was the benefit of improving energy efficiency, which in turn lowers energy costs, among other benefits. Other mechanisms to utilize energy is focusing on insolation, choosing the right ventilation system, and using certified equipment.

“Energy efficiency offers opportunities to save money, reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere, as well as protect the environment to a great extent,” said one participating student.

Mr. Temori said, “Kabul is one of the fastest-growing cities in the region, and the challenges we are facing, particularly in the utilization of energy sources, in this gradual growth are massive.”

Kardan University organizes such academic events to enrich its student’s perspective and help them gain familiarity with a variety of topics in their field of studies.