Kardan University Launches its Five Year Impact Report (2014-2018)

During a special event, Kardan University launched its five-year Impact Report, which covers essential aspects of the economy, society, culture, and the environment. This report demonstrates Kardan University's commitment to the development of the mentioned areas and its impact in these areas in the past five years (2014-2018).

This report is the first document of its kind, which addresses the impact of a private institution on areas that are vitally important to the economic well-being and prosperity of a society.

Mr. Roeen Rahmani, the University Chancellor, said in his inaugural comments: “This report demonstrates our impact in the economic, social, environmental, and cultural spheres of Afghanistan. Since its inception, Kardan University has been influencing the economic and social life of thousands of families.”

He further added, “We show our commitment to a stable future in Afghanistan through our positive influence. In the past five years, we have had a total impact of around Afs. 4 billion, which includes salaries of employees, tax payments, research, and some other areas.”

Kardan University seeks to serve as a center for higher education, research, and innovation, as well as an essential impetus for Afghanistan in achieving the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals, especially the goals which are directly or indirectly linked to education and research.

A lecturer, Mr. Sayed Gheyas Saadat, who did his MBA from Kardan University (the first Gold Medalist in the department), emphasized that the influence of Kardan University on his personal and professional life has been significant. He stated, “Studying at Kardan University helped me equip myself with a standardized education and the latest requirement of the day.”

Ms. Nargis Jamal Mushref, who graduated from Kardan University's Law Faculty in 2014, dubbed KardanUniverity’s impact on her professional career as very positive. She is now leading a major ‘women empowerment’ program, which has around 7000 members around the country.

The Impact Report was prepared by the leading researchers at Kardan University, which highlights the significant role the university has played in creating jobs, generating knowledge and producing a professional workforce.