Kardan University Organizes Its First Media Week

Kardan University’s Department of Journalism and Mass Communication kicked off its first ‘Media Week’ with the launch of several programs, including art exhibition, Environment Protection campaigns, the launch of Ganjina-e-Kardan Magazine’s 4th issue, and speeches by special guest lecturers.

The Media Week began on Sunday with the launch of the 2nd photography and art exhibition by students of Journalism and Mass Communication department, titled ‘Ayena’.

The exhibition featured 23 photographs of 12 students selected by Wakeel Kohsar, Agence France-Presse (AFP) photographer, along with 60 paintings by three Journalism students, namely Zohra Jalal, Samira Gohari, and Aqsa Wardak. The student works were on display for one day.

Nisar Azheer, Mozhda Habib, and Mansour Ebrahimi won the first, second, and third places in the photography competition, respectively, and were awarded prizes and a book. Appreciation certificates were presented to nine other students whose photographs were exhibited at the event.

The second day of Media Week was followed by the inauguration of the Kardan Media Club and a speech by Mojib Khalwatgar, the Head of Nai - Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan.

Six Journalism students, Sara Azizi, Mozhda Habib, Hakim Bikzad, Asma Ayubi, Samira Gohari, and Nisar Azheer, have been selected to serve on the board of directors for the club and are expected to begin their activities this week.

Mr. Khalwatgar pointed out the significant media events in contemporary Afghan history and discussed developments in the field of journalism from the time of Amir Sher Ali Khan until the National Unity Government.

He spoke about the qualitative and quantitative growth of the media and the violence against journalists over the last eighteen years in Afghanistan. He described the media law and the law on access to information in Afghanistan as the best in the region.

The third day of Media Week comprised the launch of the environmental campaign, in which 40 journalism students went to Shahr-e-Naw Park, gathered trash and carried different placards reading messages like ‘Keep water clean’, ‘No to Coal Consumption’, ‘Consume Water Wisely’ etc.

Mozhda Habib, a journalism student, said, «celebrating Media Week is a great initiative. I could secure the second position in the photography competition and participate in a noble cause, that is, creating awareness about the Environment Protection.»

«The Media Week provided us a chance to put our learned theories into practice which is the most critical component for journalism students. Also, the launch of the Kardan Media Club is a big step forward where I have been selected as a board member». Sara Azizi, a participating student, said.

On the last day of Kardan University Media Week, the department hosted Ms. Najibah Ayubi, Executive Director of Killid Group and a civil society activist. Ms. Ayubi spoke about the ups and downs of media language and the lack of peace language in the media in Afghanistan over the past years.

She said that the language of media in Afghanistan has become the language of war for the past 18 years, and the journalism of war in Afghan media is noticeable. She further emphasized that peace journalism should be promoted in Afghanistan as part of peace efforts so that the media could play a more significant role in the peace process.

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