Kardan University’s Economic Faculty Organizes a Farewell Event

The Economics Faculty at Kardan University organized a Farewell event for students who are completing their course by the end of the Fall-2019 semester and those who have already graduated in Spring-2019. More than 90 students were accompanied by lecturers and Management of the Faculty of Economics. During the event, students discussed their ideas, future plans, and career opportunities with their faculty.

Students also participated in an “Exit Survey” where they shared their views about the faculty management and the university in general. They were also provided with “Alumni Forms” which will be used by the Office of Gender and Alumni Relations to not only stay in touch with the graduates but also make sure they are involved in different initiatives organized by various departments after they leave the university.

Dr. Sayed Abdul Moiz, Dean Faculty of Economics, persuaded graduates to stay in touch with the university and explained the different programs that are held for graduates. Mr. Zabihullah Sharifi, on behalf of the faculty, encouraged them to pursue further higher education, and work hard to build successful careers.

Mohammad Rahim, talking on behalf of the students, thanked Kardan University, the faculty, and administration for their efforts and dedication towards ensuring students’ learning the latest concepts in their field of study.

In the end, students shared their most favorite, exciting, and funny memories from their time at Kardan University.