Mr. Mirwais Nahzat, Kardan University’s Chief Operating Officer, Attended 14th Annual Global Business School Network Conference (GBSN) in Lisbon, Portugal.

The GBSN conference was hosted by NOVA School of Business and Economics on 6-8 Nov 2019. At the GBSN conference business schools’ deans, industry professionals, and government officials attended from around the world discussed and addressed very important questions on business schools' impact on the economy and society. First, how business schools change their position and service against this new role of business and society? Seconds, which impact measurement methodologies are used by business schools and business and what are their advantages and shortcomings? Finally, how should the current ranking system change to more adequately capture the broader role of business schools in the economy and society?

Kardan University is proud to be the only member of GBSN from Afghanistan. Kardan University wants to expand its partnership with international universities and global networks to exchange skills, ideas, and knowledge so that it can design programs in a way that responds best to the core needs of our society.

GBSN aims at building relationships, provide useful experience and create new knowledge through collaborations of its members to transform management education into both economic and social responsibility. GBSN works with its member schools to offer opportunities for international exchange that enrich faculty and students. GBSN also fosters cross-border knowledge and content sharing relevant to developing world management and entrepreneurship challenges.