Kardan University Announces Chancellor’s Research Grant Awardees

Kardan University is pleased to announce the Five Winners of Chancellor’s Research Grant. The grant is designed to enable Kardan University students, faculty, and Kardan Research Society members to pursue high-quality research projects addressing specific problem areas in higher education in Afghanistan.

This research grant is borne out of a commitment on the part of the grant benefactor to contribute to higher education sector development through quality research activities.

Through a competitive process, the selection committee has selected five research proposals with the funding ceiling of Afs. 150,000 per grant, with an expected duration of 3 - 6 months for each grant.

Following are the selected research proposals:
• Afghanistan’s Kankor Examination: Challenges and Solutions
• Kankor Examination: Challenges and Prospects – A legal Analysis
• A study of Kankor Process Mapping and Association Between Kankor Scores and Academic Success
• Economic Impact of Kankor Examination: A Value Chain And Spin-Off Generation Analysis
• Digital Technology Integration in the Conduct of Kankor Examination

Through this research grant, Kardan University researchers will contribute to reducing the research and knowledge gap currently present in the higher education sector in Afghanistan.