Kardan University Launches Chancellor’s Research Grants to Promote Research Excellence

Kardan University is pleased to launch Chancellor’s Research Grants a new initiative of its kind in Afghanistan. Five grants will be selected with the funding ceiling of Afs. 150,000 per grant, with an expected duration of 3 - 6 months for each grant. The program is designed to enable Kardan University students, faculty, and Kardan Research Society members to pursue research projects addressing specific problem areas in higher education in Afghanistan.

The first round of research papers is invited to focus on ‘Exploring Kankor Examinations: Critical elements of Kankor examination system, practices, and impacts in Afghanistan’.

This research will enable aspiring university students to find out the most important processes that underpin the conduct of Kankor examination, and provide a process mapping that would help them study effectively, score high, and secure a place in their faculty of choice.

The research is also expected to examine the privatization possibilities of Kankor services in Afghanistan, its associated risks and advantages, and the introduction of potential alternative university entrance examination systems.

Furthermore, this research opens a new opportunity for students through a mitigation mechanism to reduce the social stigma associated with failing the Kankor examination.

As a leading private higher educational institution, Kardan University continuously invests in research and development projects to enhance better learning, and help the academic society of Afghanistan to prosper and move towards standardized teaching and learning environment.
Please visit the Chancellor’s Research Grant link for full details:
https://kardan.edu.af/Research/Dep_Research_and_Development https://kardan.edu.af/Research/Research_Society