Nine Kardan University Students Avail a Learning Opportunity at Ural Federal University, Russia

To enhance effective learning, Kardan University sent nine students from different departments to attend a training program organized by the Ural Federal University in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

This academic tour was arranged in collaboration with the Office of International Affairs & Strategic Partnership (OIASP) of Kardan University. The purpose of the tour is to broaden the intellectual understanding and practical knowledge of the students on different fronts. Kardan University has sponsored this tour and aims that students would gain academic insight and field knowledge by visiting the well-known Russian University.

Masiullah Azizi, a BBA student and a participating member in this training program stated, “By taking such initiatives, Kardan University paves the way for us to learn about new cultures, exchange views with other international students, and expand our understanding of the world, thank you! Kardan University.”

“Such academic tours are significantly important in uplifting students’ intellectual capacity. Kardan University always strives to offer the best possible learning facilities, and this is a great example where students can learn, explore and unleash their potentials.” Said Khwaja Abdullah Seddiqi, a student of Political Sciences and International Relations.

Ural Federal University is one of the largest and leading higher educational institutions in Russia. Located in Yekaterinburg city of the Ural region, the University is renowned in innovation and research teachings and is considered one of the prominent academic research institutions in Russia.

Kardan University is committed to providing its students with different opportunities to participate in international training programs, conferences, and other events to give them international exposure and enable them to learn from global expertise and experiences.