Kardan University Conducts Training on CISCO Lab

One of Kardan University’s strategic objectives is ‘Excellence in Innovation and Growth’. Towards that end, different faculties have undertaken different initiatives to enable students to come up with innovate ideas and also practically put those ideas to the test. Establishment of the CISCO Lab by Faculty of Engineering and Technology is one of such initiatives which is helping BCS students with their professional growth by giving them the tools and environment to practice what they learn in their Networking classes. So far, several short term training programs have been conducted in the lab. With students’ keen interest and high demand, the Department of Computer Science recently organized a one-month long training program designed to provide a more detailed understanding of the networking concepts – specifically related to the devices present in the lab.

Twenty-five applicants were selected on a first-come-first-served basis. Based on active participation and performance in mid-program quizzes, seventeen students qualified for certificates of completion.

CISCO Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification is one of the very important credentials that a Networking professional can acquire, which can enable them to opt for higher career opportunities in this field, both nationally and internationally. With a CCNA certification, students can choose to specialize in an area of interest in the fields of Security, Data Center, Service Provider, and Wireless.

Following are the major outcomes of the training program:
• Learning basic and high-level configuration of networking devices
• Understanding of IP addressing, Subletting, and Permitting
• Configuring DHCP on CISCO Routers and Switches
• Accessing a remote switch and securing switch ports
• Connecting two different networks using routers and resetting passwords
• Configuration of VLANs and Inter-VLAN Routing
• Implementing security inside the network while using switches and routers

Kardan University consistently conducts training programs for different field of studies to enhance better learning and improve students' practical knowledge in specific areas.