Kardan University’s Lecturer Awarded the ‘ACBSP Teaching Excellence Award 2019’ for South Asia

Kardan University’s Lecturer Awarded the ‘ACBSP Teaching Excellence Award 2019’ for South Asia

Kardan University celebrated the success of Mr. Qais Mohammadi, Academic Administrator for Economics Department, as the recipient of the ACBSP 2019 Teaching Excellence Award for South Asia during a special ceremony organized on July 13, 2019. Representatives from the MoHE, Kardan University leadership, students and academic departments attended the event.

Mr. Roeen Rahmani, Chancellor and founder of Kardan University, termed the selection of Mr. Mohammadi by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) a significant achievement for the academic community and higher education sector of the country. He emphasized that “this achievement is the indicator of our country moving forward at a good pace.”

He also added, “the ACBSP Teaching Excellence Award in the South Asian region, secured by Qais Mohammadi, is truly a great academic achievement, and is worth congratulating the higher education sector of Afghanistan for.”

The Chancellor elaborated about the national accreditation awarded to Kardan University by the MoHE. “Kardan University, in cooperation with a team of committed academics, with limited facilities and only 12 years of experience, has been able to stand alongside universities with more than 70 years of rich experience and much more resources. Since the inception of Kardan University, we have strived to ensure excellence on different fronts as it is part of Kardan University’s mission.”

Mr. Faisal Amin, the MoHE Spokesperson, also described Mr. Mohammadi’s achievement a great accomplishment for the academic community of the country. Mr. Amin added that currently, 6712 lecturers in public universities and 4000 in private universities and higher education institutions offer services. Qais Mohammadi’s selection out of more than 10,000 professional teachers in the country is a remarkable achievement for all of us. He also congratulated Kardan University for acquiring the national accreditation from MoHE and described Kardan University an ideal place for pursuing higher education as it has maintained international standards and has developed a unique academic environment.

Mr. Qais Mohammadi stated that he, and two other colleagues from Kardan University, represented Afghanistan at the 2019 ACBSP Awards. He expressed his gratitude for the fact that among representatives of 45 well-known universities from 16 South Asian countries, he was able to secure the award for Excellence in Teaching. He added “annually, 1200 members of this council compete for this award based on specific criteria and standards, and one teacher is selected from each region. We hope that, with support from the MoHE, more universities from Afghanistan will be able to participate in this competition.”

Mr. Mohammadi was honored to receive the Excellence in Teaching Award, along with other regional recipients at the ACBSP’s Annual Conference which was held from 21-24 June 2019 in Houston, Texas.