40 Students Visit the National Museum of Afghanistan on a Study Tour

Faculty of Economics arranged a study tour to the National Museum of Afghanistan on July 7, 2019. 40 students of Business Administration and Economics Department were among the participants. A field visit is accounted for a significant component of the contemporary academic learning style where students can evaluate performances and activities from a practical perspective.

This study tour was aimed at introducing students to the documents and works of the museum, such as the works of Buddhist Marble, Indian Ivory, Prehistoric Stone Works, Roman Bronzes, statues of the BC, and also recognition of religious documents such as Quran Kofi on the line of Osman Bin Afan, the Third Islamic Caliphate, verses from the Quran to the Hassan line, and some contemporary instruments such as weapons, sword, spear, archer, and armor.

Such site visits are significantly important for students, not only with the different issues of our past, from the ancient times to the era of Islam, and to the entire contemporary era of Afghanistan, but also with culture and civilization. Obtaining familiarity with Afghanistan, and the great wonders of the ancient civilization recognize this boundary of our web site through the observation of a few tools and equipment left in the museum. Meanwhile, there was a question and answer session in which students asked different types of questions related to culture and civilization.

Students were truly pleased and appreciated Kardan University for taking them to such a practical and efficient tour. Participants described the field visit quite useful and expected more support and cooperation from the university in their professional and academic areas. Meanwhile, Kardan University promised to enhance practical learning approaches for its students, and therefore, has signed bilateral agreements with certain local and foreign high profile institutions.