Kardan University Earns National Accreditation Award from the Ministry of Higher Education

Kardan University along with five other universities achieved National Accreditation Award from the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. In a special ceremony organized at the MoHE, Roeen Rahmani, Chancellor, Meena Rahmani, Vice Chancellor Academics, Mirwais Nahzat, Chief Operating Officer, Haleem Bahadur, Registrar, and Waheedullah Afghan, Coordinator of Quality Assurance and Accreditations represented Kardan University.

Abdul Tawab Balakarzai, the Acting Minister of MoHE, leading members of MoHE, and some chief directors of private universities had participated in this ceremony and collected National Accreditation Award of their respective universities.

Mr. Balakarzai, the Acting Minister of MoHE pointed out about the history of quality assurance and accreditations globally, 130 years back, quality assurance and accreditations initiative was launched in the USA, and 71 years ago, it was commenced in Japan and in the region. Subsequently, the National Accreditation, a transparent program was launched in Afghanistan in 2011. After a comprehensive evaluation process, the board members allocated scores to candidate universities based on certain criteria, out of which five universities have been named as role models for other higher educational institutions in the country.

Mr. Balakarzai also described Kardan University to be the leading university for over the past 13 years in the education sector. Mr. Hamidullah Farooqi, Chancellor of Kabul University and Presidents’ Senior Advisor in Higher Educations Affairs described the event a special day for MoHE and stated that this massive achievement should be recorded in history. He added that now universities can compete regionally and internationally once they acquire National Accreditation.

Meanwhile, Mr. Rahmani stated that after preliminary rounds of evaluation based on international standards, accreditation was awarded to universities and all the standards have been maintained at Kardan University. National Accreditation helps students decide in which university to continue their higher studies. Thus, Kardan University’s mission is to meet the expectations of MoHE and the international organization which evaluates and awards accreditation.

National Accreditation is a pivotal procedure and has great influence over the higher education institutions in the county, and it guarantees the quality of the private universities. MoHE has 11 standard principles to grant accreditation to universities. Thus far, only Kardan University, Kabul University, Kabul Medical University, Kandahar University, Kateb University, and the American University of Afghanistan have met these criteria, and achieved the Accreditation Certificates from MoHE.