Seminar on Analysis of the Current and Future Economic Situation of the Country

Dr. Mohammad Mustafa Mastoor, Minister of Economy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan gave a presentation on the current and future economic situation of the country to Kardan University students in Conference Hall, Taimani campus on June 30, 2019.

Dr. Sayed Abdul Moiz, Dean of Faculty of Economics at Kardan University, lecturers, faculty members, and a considerable number of economics students had participated in this seminar. Dr. Mastoor profoundly highlighted the strength and weakness areas of the country’s economy, the vulnerability of the economic opportunities and critical issues that can greatly affect the economic development in Afghanistan. After concluding his practical explanations, he replied to the questions raised by the students.

Dr. Sayed Abdul Moiz, Dean of Faculty of Economics, presented an Appreciation Award to Mr. Mastoor, the Minister of Economy in recognition of his relentless efforts and active engagements. It is worth mentioning that Dr. Mastoor, also signed a Bilateral Cooperation Agreement prepared by Strategic Partnerships and International Relations Office, with Mina Rahmani, the Vice Chancellor of Kardan University in this gathering.

To build capacity and empower students, Kardan University always strives to host presentations by renowned industry professionals, academicians, and political figures, the results of which have been remarkable amongst its students over the past years.