Kardan University Engineering Students Site Visit

Kardan University Engineering students visited certain companies and construction sites to learn about ‘real life’ examples of engineering management. The purpose of this site visit was to help students gain a better sense of their fields at work.

The visit was conducted by a technical team of Kardan University and some 65 BCE 7th and 8th-semester students led by Mr. Gul Rahman Abdulrahimzai, Academic Administrator Civil Engineering Department. Other lectures also played an active role in this site visit.

Upon completion of the site visit, students were capable to make a link between theory and practice, evaluate the operations of the plant against certain criteria, discuss the relative strengths and weaknesses of what they observed, and demonstrate the most important features of the site to their lecturers that they observed and understood.

Mr. Gul Rahman Abdulrahimzai, Academic Administrator Civil Engineering Department described the site visit quite important for students. This visit was on two vertical structures (4 story buildings) being constructed, and the students could observe various points such as slab shuttering, slab reinforcement, beams shuttering, column shuttering and the overall structural system of the said project.

Mr. Abdulrahimzai added that technical points of the project were illustrated to the students with great details and they were quite attentive comparing their theory with practice. All in all, the technical team who accompanied students described the visit interesting and quite fruitful that could bring about a new color to their experience and confidence level.