Kardan University Inspires the Young Generation towards Higher Education

In an unprecedented move, the leadership at Kardan University is visiting prominent high schools in Kabul city and meeting the would-be graduates in order to encourage them towards pursuing further education after graduating from high school.

They are sharing their personal and professional stories and experiences in order to inspire the students to make the right choices in their lives and careers. They explain to the students the importance of acquiring higher education – especially at a quality institution.

Part of the initiative is recognizing and appreciating the schools’ leadership and for their efforts and commitment in providing quality education to thousands of dedicated youths.

The high schools visited so far include Alfath High School for Girls, Naderia High School, Estiqlal High School, Maryam High School for Girls, Lameha Shaheed High School for Girls, Nasir Khesraw High School and Ghulam Haidar Khan High School.