Kardan University Launches its Digital Library

Keeping with its tradition of introducing new and unique learning experiences for its students and faculty, Kardan University is pleased to announce the official subscription with EBSCO Information Services. EBSCO is a world leader in providing premium content to thousands of libraries around the world and through them to millions of end users. The hardware equipment for the facility is sponsored by NetLinks Technologies and Jobs.af.

This service enables all Kardan University students, faculty and staff to access hundreds of thousands of up-to-date books, research articles, magazines, journals and other publications from around the world right from their PCs, tablets or mobile phones.
Students at Kardan University now have a tremendous edge over their counterparts, as they have access to numerous sources of latest information on a wide range of topics, from science to arts, from sports to politics, from culture to leisure and much more. Kardan University’s Vice Chancellor Academics, Dr. Omar Farooq, had this to say about the new development:

“With the establishment of the digital library, we are seeking to advance and encourage new ideas and inspiring the young generation to reach the farthest limits of their vision and capacities. With initiatives like this, Kardan University has maintained its position as the premiere institution of higher learning in diversified academic avenues. I hope the students, faculty and researchers will take full benefit from noble adventure of Kardan University.\"

Mr. Khalilullah Ahadi, the Director Student Services department also stressed the importance of this facility for the students’ and faculty’s intellectual development. He said “With the fast pace of information creation and dissemination, it becomes challenging for libraries to acquire all the latest versions and new editions of existing books, as well as new topics published on a daily basis. Having access to a digital library removes this limitation and you can have all the latest publications and research work in almost any field with the click of a button”

With the digital library, you don’t need to be in the library to read the book of your choice, study the latest updates on the research of your interest or check the latest issue of your favorite magazine.