Kardan University to Create Greater Impact through International Cooperation

Following the international accreditation of its business and management programs through the International Assembly for Collegiate and Business Education (IACBE) in early 2015, Kardan University is laying the groundwork for an integrated internationalization strategy. The new strategy emphasizes international partnerships as the key to Kardan University’s success and an important contributor towards delivering on academic excellence.

Moving forward, the newly established International Relations Office will coordinate, support and advance Kardan University’s internationalization strategy. Building on its portfolio of international cooperation, the International Relations Office will support the development of international partnerships with governments, universities, embassies and international scholarship agencies.

“A renewed focus on international cooperation is at the heart of Kardan University’s five-year strategic plan also known as Vision of Excellence. We are looking forward to enhancing our cooperation with international partners, promoting student engagement, research collaboration and global best practices in learning and teaching,” says Dr. Syed Umer Farooq, Kardan University’s Vice Chancellor for Academics.

“Kardan University’s reputation as the leader in Afghanistan’s private higher education sector will be further consolidated through a renewed focus on internationalization. We are committed to building bridges with our strategic international partners in order to deliver high quality education, promote global citizenship and contribute towards tackling the region’s most pressing challenges. We are thrilled about the opportunities for international exchanges and cooperation that will ultimately benefit our students, staff, alumni, and faculty members, “ says Mirwais Nahzat, Kardan University’s Vice Chancellor for Advancement.

The international relations strategy will be supported by a high level pan-university, advisory council, simply known as the International Strategy Advisory Council (ISAC). Led by Roeen Rahmani, Kardan University’s Chancellor, the council will bring together the representatives of undergraduate, MBA, research and student affairs to advise on the International Relation Office’s strategic direction, objectives and progress.

The International Relations Office will support and advance some of the following major activities:

• Internationalization Strategy
• Student, Staff and Faculty International Mobility
• Student and Faculty Research Initiatives
• Student Educational and Exchange Programs
• International Scholarships

Since 2002, Kardan University has led the way in Afghanistan’s private higher education sector through forging several major international partnerships with leading universities, embassies and international organizations. Kardan University’s graduates are among the top recipients of competitive international scholarships while world-class faculty members continue to present research papers at major global academic events.

If you have any questions about the work of the International Relations Office, please feel free to contact us: partnerships@kardan.edu.af