Vision of Excellence: Kardan University launches its 5-year strategic plan

Kardan University officially launched the Vision of Excellence: the university’s strategic plan for the years 2015 – 2020 at a ceremony held in Kabul on September 16, 2015. The event brought together staff, faculty members, management and leadership of Kardan University to discuss the implementation of the strategic plan and next steps.

The launch of the strategic plan was organized after the completion of a consultative general assembly that saw 101 members from across the university community, including students and alumni, to provide suggestions about the university’s future direction.

Speaking at the launch ceremony, Mr. Roeen Rahmani, the Chancellor, congratulated the participants on developing the university’s first strategic plan. “We are thrilled to launch Kardan University’s strategic plan with an aim to achieve academic excellence and consolidate our leadership role in the higher education sector,” he said.

The strategic plan has been developed following 18 months of consultations, expert reviews, focus group discussions and literature review among Kardan University stakeholders. The Vision of Excellence emphasizes specific priorities along five complementary objectives:

• Student and Alumni Professional Excellence
• Faculty and Research Excellence
• Excellence in Innovation and Growth
• Excellence in University Policies and Procedures
• Excellence in Public Engagement

The Vision of Excellence will remain a living document, overseen by the Strategic Planning Advisory Committee (SPAC) and further developed into action strategies by the respective departments across the University. Kardan University will continue to hold consultative sessions and programs to ensure the full engagement of the university community as it strives to achieve academic excellence.

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