Study Tour to Khan Steel Manufacturing Company

Steel production is one of the most significant industries of a country. Most of today’s advanced nations have had speedy economic growth after they have established the steel industry. This has been the case with both South Korea and Taiwan. The establishment of such important industry in Afghanistan is challenging on one hand and promising on the other.

The Department of Economics at Kardan University arranged an academic tour to Khan Steel Company, one of the first steel manufacturers in the country, so that the students of business and economics could see the methods of managing steel companies and comprehend the important role of steel industry in the economic development of the country.

After the students toured the production chain and other facilities of the factory, the founder of Khan Steel Mr. Haji Khan Mohammad Wardak, who is also a member of the Parliament, sat with them for a cup of tea. Mr. Wardak explained the importance of steel industry for Afghanistan’s rebuilding efforts and encouraged the students to pursue their education with interest and enthusiasm, since he believed the country is moving towards development and there is need for a young and bright cadre to lead the rebuilding efforts.

At the end Asst. Prof. Qais Mohammadi thanked Khan Steel founder and representatives for their cooperation in facilitation of the visit.