Training Workshop on Online Trading

The Faculty of Economics in collaboration with Online Trading Academy (OTA) organized a training workshop on “Online Trading” in Afghanistan. The session was held in Taimani campus on Tuesday Jan 15, 2019 at 09:00 am.

Around 300 students of Economics and BBA departments were engaged in the session, which was organized in three sub-sessions:

1. The theoretical aspect of online trading,
2. Practical online trading, and
3. Quizzes.

OTA’s representatives, Mr. Samim Abas and Mr. Adil Alko, facilitated the workshop. First Mr. Samim Abas trained the students on the theoretical possibility of earning and losing in online trading. Later on, Mr. Adil Alko practically engaged in online trading using actual data and news analysis that could promise a margin of revenue. By the end of the second session the online purchase deal that was made had earned around 12 pips. The third session was started with posing questions to students and handing rewards to more than 20 students providing the right answers.

At the end of the session, Dean of Economics Faculty, Dr. Abdul Moiz Mirzada talked about the importance of such workshops and how the faculty of economics was committed to ensure even better events in the future. He handed certificates of appreciation to both of the teachers.