Seminar on Conflict and Negotiation Management

On December 30, 2018, the MBA Department at Kardan University’s Faculty of Economics, arranged a one day seminar on 'Conflict and Negotiation Management'. The purpose of the program was to enhance conflict management and negotiation skills in students and prepare them for real life organizational conflict situations which they may face in their future careers.

Ms. Palwasha Hassan, who is the Chairperson of Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief (ACBAR) was the resource person invited for the seminar. ACBAR is the largest coordinating body in the country which brings together more than 140 national and international NGOs working in Afghanistan.

Ms. Hassan shared her knowledge and experience regarding the importance of conflict management through negotiation process to reach to win-win situations in social and organizational contexts in organizations. She also touched on the importance of implementing these concepts in the broader social contexts – at community and country level.

Specific topics discussed during the seminar were:

- Conflict
- Peace
- Negotiation
- Role of afghan peace council in the current peace talk process.