Renovation of the Parwan-e-Du Campus Library

On December 11, 2018, the Office of Physical and Digital Libraries at Kardan University re-inaugurated the physical and digital library at Parwan-e-Du campus after extensive renovation work which was completed recently.

The event was attended by the leadership and senior staff of the university, where newly added features and facilities were introduced. One of the new facilities is the digital book borrowing system which enables students to easily borrow books from the library and return them on time.

Along with this, the study area is expanded to accommodate more students and the bookshelves are easier to access for all visiting students. In order to promote book reading culture among its students, Kardan University has recently added hundreds of new books, research journals and publications, all of which are now available for students to benefit from.

Besides availability of physical books in the library bookshelves, and after providing students with access to the EBSCOHost Digital Library, the digital library is now providing students access to one of the world’s largest digital books databases, JSTORE.