Stepping Forward: Financial Assistance, Public Engagement and Career Support for Young Afghans

Stepping Forward: Financial Assistance, Public Engagement and Career Support for Young Afghans

Kardan University is proud to launch Stepping Forward, an ambitious campaign designed to respond to the new challenges and opportunities in higher education. The campaign will focus on three key themes: 1- provision of financial assistance and scholarships to eligible students; 2- increasing public awareness and engagement in support of higher education; 3- identifying career prospects for undergraduate and graduate students and alumni. The campaign is organized ahead of Kardan University’s Second Entry Test which will be organized soon at our Parwan-e-Du campus.

Through this campaign, Kardan University will work to engage students, alumni, partner organizations, and general public on re-imagining higher education. Building on its long tradition of assisting deserving students, Kardan University is committed to supporting those students who require financial assistance in order to start or complete their studies at Kardan University. At the heart of the Stepping Forward campaign is a comprehensive financial assistance program that focuses on those students who could not otherwise benefit from a quality education program at Kardan University. The Stepping Forward campaign will provide our future students with dedicated financial, academic and career support, enabling them to enjoy a rewarding student experience at Kardan University. 

Financial Assistance and Scholarships

Kardan University is increasing its financial assistance and scholarship programs considering the challenging economic context in Afghanistan. Our financial assistance will be available to deserving and qualified undergraduate and graduate students across all programs. Students can receive financial assistance ranging from 30 percent to 100 percent depending on their academic programs and financial needs.

Public Engagement 

Kardan University’s staff, students, faculty, and alumni will raise awareness about the power of quality education during these extraordinary times. We will encourage our community members to share their inspiring personal stories, achievements, and dreams despite these challenging times. If you would like to share your message about the power of higher education, please contact us.

Career Placements

Unemployment is on the rise in Afghanistan. That is why Kardan University pledges to create effective career opportunities for our undergraduate and graduate studies by working closely with our national and international partners. We will identify and share increased job and internship opportunities among our students and alumni, ensuring that we contribute positively towards increasing the post-graduation employment rate of Kardan University alumni.

If you are interested in our academic programs, please visit our Taimani Campus, or apply online through For more information, please contact 0777528383