Architecture Engineering Contest

Event Date 26 January, 2021
Event Duration 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Venue Parwan -e- Du Campus

The Department of Civil Engineering at Kardan University is conducting a contest on Architecture Engineering among Civil Engineering students on January 26, 2021.
In this competition, the students will prepare a project to design a complete package of drawings of a two-story building, including building layouts, elevations, sections, and details.
Competitors will attempt to lead the project through the necessary procedures of designing an integrated building model. It can increase coordination with architects and other engineering disciplines and improving the reliability of their designs. Building models should contain photorealistic textures and, at the same time, to be geometrically optimized. It also must have interior details and various elements that are not visible from the outside.
The certificates will be awarded for the original work or most realistic project with minimum errors.