Strategic Planning Taskforce (PTF) Meeting Minutes 6

Event Date 2 November, 2020
Event Duration One Day
Venue School of Graduate

The Strategic Planning Taskforce (PTF) meeting started with welcoming remarks of Chancellor Roeen Rahmani, and the review of the meeting agenda. The following points were further discussed during the meeting:

• Progress update on Strategic Planning Process
• Presentation on current and future strategic considerations

1. Number of Students at Kardan University
2. Campus Development
3. Organizational Structure
4. Student Purchasing Power
5. Programs of Study
6. Women Scholarship Endowment
7. Research Focus
8. Revenue Diversification
9. Branding
10. Centers of Excellence at Kardan University

• Conclusion and next steps

As the ten suggested strategic considerations go together and constitute an ecosystem thinking around Kardan University in where we are and how we can think realistically about our current situation as we move forward, it is prudent for the department leads to consider these suggestion while developing their next five years’ plans.

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