Strategic Planning Taskforce (PTF) Meeting Minutes 3

Event Date 10 September, 2020
Event Duration One Day
Venue Parwan 2, University Campus

The Strategic Planning Taskforce (PTF) meeting started with welcoming remarks of Chancellor Roeen Rahmani followed by the meeting agenda. The Assessment Team shared the presentation on Analytical framework for Kardan university Strategic planning 2020-2025.

The focus of the discussion was internal assessment with key stakeholders including students and Kardan University’s staff and faculty. The Assessment Team had adopted a comprehensive framework Schindler, et. al. (2015, p.7) that looks at the quality from four key dimensions- Accountability, Purposefulness, Transformation, Exception.

• Accountable
o Student Preparedness for Employment
o Procurement of Quality Resources
o Sufficiency of Facilities
o Focus on Continuous Improvement
• Purposeful
o Fulfillment of Mission and Vision
o Transparent Processes
o Achievement of Standards
o Attainment of Institutional Goals
• Transformative
o Learner Centered Approach
o Competency of Lecturers
o Clarity of Outcomes
o Development of Critical Thinking
o Student Engagement with Content
• Exceptional
o Credibility
o Legitimacy
o Reputation
o Ranking
o Prestige

The members agreed that a team of researchers will identify and develop instruments with a view to our organizational context and will share their final survey questionnaires in the upcoming meeting. The above framework was comprehensively discussed by the PTF members including the framework’s merit, relevance, strengths and weaknesses as well as benefits to the strategic planning process.


• The Human Resources will announce the members of the PTF who will be contracted for internal assessment.
• The internal assessment teams will identify and develop instruments that are contextualized and present their final survey questionnaires and their working procedures in the upcoming PTF Meeting.
• A separate team will be appointed to conduct the external assessment for the University primarily focusing on opportunities and threats.
• A Taskforce team will be appointed ahead of the next meeting to coordinate the PTF efforts and bring necessary decisions to the attention of the PTF.
• Data collection Phase should be completed by Mid-November to allow adequate time for subsequent analysis and stakeholder consultation phases.

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