Strategic Planning Taskforce (PTF) Meeting Minutes 2

Event Date 1 September, 2020
Event Duration One Day
Venue School of Graduate

The Strategic Planning Taskforce (PTF) was chaired by Roeen Rahmani, Kardan University’s Chancellor with the participation of senior managers and leaders representing the entire University system. The Chancellor reviewed the previous meeting minutes and noted the completion of the first phase of the strategic planning process, including member selection criteria, expectations, key responsibilities, and framework for the planning process.

The Chancellor provided a brief review of the 2015-2020 Strategic Planning journey and emphasized the importance of achieving a forward-looking and robust strategic plan for the next five years. He highlighted the lessons learned and best practices from the University’s first strategic planning process and the recently completed Kardan Schools Strategic Planning process. It was underscored that the current planning process will build on the success of the University and Kardan School strategic planning best practices.

The PTF members had an opportunity to share their ideas and recommendations on how to effectively and efficiently undertake the data gathering phase. The PTF members further agreed that the mission and vision statements of the University will remain unchanged during the new planning phase.

Key Decisions

• A team of researchers with support from Faculty Development Coordinator and Human Resource Manager was formed to conduct a stakeholder analysis and identify a framework for data gathering and research.
• The PTF Secretariat will disseminate the strategic planning data available on the Dropbox for the years 2015-2020 to inform the stakeholder consultation & data gathering phase with the responsible committee.