Strategic Planning Taskforce (PTF) Meeting Minutes 1

Event Date 22 July, 2020
Event Duration One Day
Venue Virtual Meeting

• Introductory Remarks - Past and Present Strategic Planning Efforts - Chair
• Strategic Planning Framework - Mirwais Nahzat
• Review of the PTF membership, guiding principles, and key responsibilities - Chair
• PTF Calendar of Events, Communications Strategy - Chair
• PTF Orientation Workshop - Chair
• Questions and Answers - PTF Members
• Confirmation of Next PTF Meeting - Chair & PTF Members
• Closing Remarks - Chair

The framework for Strategic Planning 2021-2025.
Guiding Principles

• Meaningful engagement of all Kardan University’s stakeholders through face to face interactions, dialogues, allowing for substantive exchange of ideas, suggestions and aspirations.
• Transparency is paramount. Information gathered through strategic planning process is shared with the key stakeholders through well-defined and accessible channels.
• A balanced approach is adopted to integrate both internal and external issues related to higher education sector

Collaborative Strategic Planning Model

• Getting Organized 1 July- 30 July
• Data Gathering 1 August- 30 September
• Data Analysis and Sense Making 1 October – 30 October
• Strategy Conference 1 November—15 November
• Goals Conference 15 November—December 30
• Launch Ceremony 1 January 2021

Members provided their input about the new process and shared their questions and ideas on the selection of the PTF to ensure it is inclusive and collaborative. All the members understand that the strategic planning process will include all university stakeholders at different phases and discussion rounds. During the second phase, a stakeholder analysis will be conducted to determine our key stakeholders, which will be followed by a robust stakeholder engagement strategy. It is also important to note that gender consideration is not merely restricted to the PTF membership but rather the entire strategic plan process.