Call for Papers

Event Date 20 August, 2020
Event Duration 3 Months
Venue To be announced

Special Issue on “Impact of COVID-19 on social and economic dimensions in Afghanistan” in 3rd Volume, Issue 3rd of Kardan Journal of Economics and Management Sciences

The Editorial team of Kardan Journal of Economics and Management Sciences would like to wish all our readers, authors, reviewers, and Editorial Advisory Board members well during this difficult time. We hope that you, your families, and communities are keeping safe and well amidst the pandemic emergency worldwide.

In this special Issue of the Kardan Journal of Economics and Management Sciences, we are seeking research papers that address issues on the “impact of COVID-19 on social and economic dimensions in Afghanistan”. The pandemic has already severely impacted society, economies, and politics across the globe.

Potential themes include, but are not limited to:
Economic Issues
• Coping with Corona Crisis
• COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis and the Way Forward for Afghanistan
• The Economic Consequences of COVID-19 and Some Policy Suggestions
• The Economics of Dealing with a Lockdown
• The Afghanistan Imperatives in the Post-COVID World
• Rebooting the Economy Post-Lockdown
• Recession, COVID-19, and Aftermath: A Macro View
• The Coronavirus Crisis and International Trade and FDI
• Afghanistan Economy at the Crossroads: Growth and Development
• Global Value Chains (GVC)
• Investment and Trade Facilitation
• MSMEs and COVID-19

Social Issues:
• State Narratives, Social Perceptions, and Health Behaviors
• Gender Dimensions of the COVID-19 Pandemic
• Physical activity and well-being and its effects on social development
• Population (older persons, persons with disabilities, youth and indigenous people)
• Poverty, Inequality, Exclusion, Discrimination and Unemployment
• Migrants, Refugees and Displaced persons
• Education
• Governance: Issues, Responses, Implications
• National responses and strategies to address Covid-19 and its implications
• The coordination of local, regional, national and international responses to the Covid-19 pandemic
• International organizations and the Covid-19 pandemic
• The use and abuse of social networking sites, including the Issue of fake news, during the Covid-19 pandemic
• Democracy, civic liberties, and individual freedom during the Covid-19 pandemic

Deadline and Submission Details
Please submit your papers through the link:

The submission deadline for all papers is August 20, 2020.
For further information, please contact Dr. Nassir Ul Haq Wani, Chief Editor, Kardan University through