One-Year English Language Proficiency Program

Event Date 21 November, 2019
Event Duration 3 Weekly Classes, 2 hrs/day
Venue Parwan-e-Du

Kardan University, through a grant from the government of the United States, brings a wonderful opportunity for journalists and business professionals to realize their dreams and equip themselves with the market demanded competencies in language and communication. The initiative offers a one-year, free of cost, learning program for journalists and business professionals, where they will learn about:
• Business English
• Technical and business report writing
• Familiarization with journalism and business field related concepts
• Presentation and communication skills; and many others

This training program is designed for journalists and export-oriented professionals, the goal of which is “to improve the English proficiency of journalists in their reporting and to increase Afghanistan’s capacity for international trade and transactions by enhancing communication skills of export-oriented business professionals.

All interested students and professionals can apply for the program. Registration closes on November 11, 2019, and the placement test will be on November 21, 2019.

For joining the program please write an email to

Your email should contain the below information:
1. Name
2. Father Name
3. Profession (Journalism / Business)
4. Position/Organization
5. Tazkira #
6. Phone #
7. Email Address