An Introduction to Afghanistan Insurance Industry - Challenges and Opportunities

Event Date 8 July, 2019
Event Duration 5:00 - 8:00 pm
Venue Main Campus, Parwan-e-Du, Room No. 307

The BBA and BSc. Economics Departments at Kardan University welcome the Business Management and Economics students to an informative session about the Afghanistan Insurance Industry and the challenges and opportunities that are present in this sector. The COO of Afghan Global Insurance (AGI) company, Mr. Naweedullah Gulzad will be the guest speaker for the event. Mr. Gulzad has extensive experience in the insurance industry of Afghanistan with a commitment to shaping the industry through strong leadership. He started his career as a Marketing Representative with AGI, but quickly moved to Operations Department where within four years he ascended to the position of Chief Operations Officer (COO) and Head of Relations.

Mr. Gulzad has greatly contributed to the Afghanistan Insurance Personnel Association as a trainer for all insurance companies and was awarded Insurance Personality of the year for Afghanistan in 2018, by Quest Conferences in Mumbai, as well as Best Young Talent Award by Smart Business Magazine in 2018. He has published several articles about the Insurance Industry of Afghanistan, and has attended many workshops and seminars in the country and abroad.