Bootstrap 4.3.1 Training Program

Event Date 3 April, 2019
Event Duration 7:30 am - 8:45 am (Four days in a week)
Venue Lab 2, Parwan-e-Du Campus


Bootstrap is the most popular, open source, front-end library for designing user interfaces for web and applications using CSS and JavaScript. It has many qualities such as readymade templates and classes, mobile first responsive grid, JavaScript Widgets and many other tools.

There are many online templates for Bootstrap with the help of which we can accomplish a year’s work on a project within a week or less. Most of the stunning and beautiful websites available around the world are developed in Bootstrap. The software was designed and still maintained by Twitter and the Open Source Community. In 2013, Bootstrap was announced as the most popular open source project on the internet.

Participation Eligibility

Students from any semester and any class can participate as long as they have a strong commitment to work hard, stay focused and complete the given tasks within allotted timelines. In addition, they should have

• Passed Web Fundamental course
• Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS

Registration Deadline

Interested students should visit the Office of Student Involvement and Events for registration or write to before the end of April 2, 2019.


The class will be held from 7:30 to 8:45 AM, 4 days in a week and it will take around three months to complete the program.

Topics Included

1. Basic Introduction – Everything about Bootstrap
2. Companies using Bootstrap – who uses Bootstrap, where it is used, integration and alternatives
3. Technical Terms – What is open source, front end, back end, cross platform, mobile first etc
4. Important Notes – Best practices and when to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript and when Bootstrap
5. Advantages of Bootstrap – Why we need Bootstrap, what are its features and advantages
6. What’s in Bootstrap – Explaining Every single thing inside Bootstrap
7. Bootstrap Utilities – All the tools needed to make modifications in a website
8. Bootstrap Components – Readymade components help us save a lot of time
9. Bootstrap Grid System – Creating responsive flexible layouts
10. Bootstrap JavaScript Widgets – Readymade JavaScript codes help us create animations
11. Bootstrap 3 vs Bootstrap 4 – The difference between current and the last version of Bootstrap
12. Developer Environment – Designing a professional developer environment
13. Popular Extensions – Using popular extensions to get more advanced features
14. Emmet – The most popular and fast way which changes the way we write HTML
15. 5 Projects – After Bootstrap, files to 5 stunning projects to practice what is learned

Learning Methodology

• A custom SandBox will be available for students to practice their knowledge and learn more
• All the required materials are available to be provided to students for practical work