Women Rights in Afghanistan's New Constitution

Event Date 8 April, 2019
Event Duration 01:30 PM - 03:30 PM
Venue MBA Campus

The new constitution of Afghanistan, formulated in the last half and a decade, has recognized the rights of women in a fundamental and indubitable manner, and places their human rights and dignity on an equal footing with men.
The Office of Gender and Alumni Relations is inviting all students and alumni to a one day training session on the topic of (Women Rights in Afghanistan's New Constitution). As it is necessary for all students to learn about women's rights in the Afghan Constitution, the following topics will be discussed in the program:

• Social Rights
• Right to Special Protection
• The right to Education and Training
• The Right to Work and Employment
• Health Right

For registration, please visit the Office of Gender and Alumni Relations at Parwan-e-Du campus or write to alumni@kardan.edu.af