Spaghetti Bridge Building Contest

Event Date 6 February, 2019
Event Duration 03:00 PM - 04:30 PM
Venue Conference Hall, Taimani Campus

The Department of Civil Engineering plans to conduct a Spaghetti Bridge Building Competition among its students. The competition will be a fun and challenging opportunity for students to test their engineering skills and experience the planning, creativity, problem-solving and team-work required for a career in engineering. Student teams will explore the field of engineering by making bridges using spaghetti as their primary building material. Then they will test their bridges to see how much weight they can carry before breaking.

Teams are challenged to build the strongest and good looking bridges constructed with only store-bought spaghetti and glue and to span a gap of at least 60 cm.

Learning Outcomes

With participation in this contest, students will learn about:
• Creating a design methodology
• Conducting group work and discussions
• Building techniques that civil engineers use