3D Modelling Contest

Event Date 26 January, 2019
Event Duration 01:30 - 03:30 PM
Venue Room No. 505, Parwan-e-Du Campus
Faculty of Engineering and Technology and Civil Engineering Department are pleased to announce the first 3D Modeling contest among the Civil Engineering students. Participants will compete by drawing 3D models of buildings or other objects.

Competing members will attempt to follow all the basic procedures of designing an integrated building model, which can increase coordination with architects and other engineering disciplines, improving the reliability of their designs. Building models should contain photo realistic textures and at the same time be geometrically optimized, do not contain interior details and various elements that are not visible from the outside. Optimum formats of models in Sketch up 2016 format are accepted.

winners will be decided based on the most original or most realistic 3D building model, optimized for augmented reality technology.

The main advantage of 3D Modelling is that you can produce any model regardless of its shape, even for one single unit.

There are three categories of awards in this challenge. First, Second and Third best 3D Model Portfolio. A designer will be awarded by judging the quantity and quality of the models during the competition period.

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