Fall 2022 Entry Test Results

Annual Conference on Higher Education Development in Afghanistan

The Annual Conference on Higher Education in Afghanistan is a dedicated platform to advance higher education reform and development. The conference aims to bring together researchers, policymakers, universities, industry, and student representatives to critically examine and dialogue development priorities in higher education in Afghanistan. To date, no dedicated platform has emerged that can stimulate critical debate and discussion around important issues related to higher education. Given the significance of higher education to national development prospects, a credible platform is required that can steer a conversation about higher education in the country.

As part of the mission to link academic knowledge with the real world, the Center for Higher Education Development (CHED) and Kardan University collaborated to host this conference.

The prime aim is to address a constellation of normative and empirical questions concerning the Kankor examination by evaluating Kankor process mapping, economic impact, digital integration, and challenges and solutions.