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Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Plotter


Computer Numerical control is the automation of machine tools by means of computer executing pre-programmed sequence of machine control commands. This project is representing a machine which is able to draw any image processed by a computer on a piece of paper using ordinary pen or pencil. This system is normally used in industries to make the laser cutting facilities possible.


  • To draw image/text on any solid surface
  • To cut various hard materials such as wood, aluminum, steel, plastic, and foams
  • Draw Printed Circuit Board (PCB) layouts
  • Laser Cutting
  • Drilling precision holes in any frame

Future Work

  • To give laser cutting ability to the current implementation, the pen used in machine can be replaced by laser module for cutting metals, engraving wood and plastic
  • This system can be built in a larger scale to support bigger drawing dimensions
  • The current system has 2 axis X and Y, the Z axis can also be added in this machine to support 3D printing